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The item of service and personnel install
1. containment of after-sales service item:
- free and perfect examination analyze- the technique consult
- the machine lubricates the integration of programming of the product
- change the service of oil- clean the slot of oil

2. the vehicle install
-yuejin 1.25 passenger car of ton diesel 1 set
-dandongshuguang L1 department
-huayang car 1.1 L1 department

3. equipments of tool
- precise machine of oil of electric motor 3 set
- easy and convenient machine of type oil 3 set
- professional machine of type oil 1 set
- of light of fold( the water emulsify thick measurement of comparison of degree of oil)
- the number shows the thermometer of type probe type 2 branch
- the heavy metals contain to measure the of examination
- water contain the measurement to try the
- sour of measurement of quality
- simple type glues the of examination of degree
- red outside? the temperature respond the gun

4. safe stock
- the ESN imports the packing to have presently 200 L,18 L,180 kilogram,15 kilogram
- the lubricant of industry depend ons its category and characteristic to have different deposit the time limit:
(1) the equipments contain the grease 5 years with oil above
(2) the water slice the oil 2 years
(3) melting agent type metalwork oil a year
(4) the oil of transformer need to be add attentive put
( above suggestion deposits the time limit all at be free from pollution the condition).
- deposit the request of environment:
(1) well ventilated
(2) have no a of fire
(3) have no other dangerous goods
(4) the degree of humidity is low
(5) prevent static electricity from produce
(6) dry fire extinguisher of powder
(7) sand of fire fight

5. personnel of after-sales service of install
- Guest department general manager:YangJinLong 13382510580 13912657618
- Tel:0512-57733297/57733261  FAX:ext101
- Assistant of business: Miss Hu skype:james7618
- Guest department

(1) the point of fire of big and part of lubricant of industries is all at 260 degrees are above, another? the point of fire also need to be attain 280 above temperature of degrees, and return essential have burnable of danger.
(2) every kind of product of lubricant of contact because contain various additive of chemistries to ask wash hands much, with the security .

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